LECTURES This slim original is a small three ring notebook with leather cover, faithfully reproduced in this facsimile edition. (6x9) 52 pages total includes
  • Lecture. The Lost Continent of Mu, 1932: chapters include Out on the Pacific (a travelogue), North America, The Tree and the Serpent, 22 pages
  • Lecture. With the Rishi, 1931: a collection of loving vignettes about his teacher and mentor in India including Miracles, esoteric experiences under the auspices of the Rishi, Intimate Hours with The Rishi, Jesus in India, Visions of Those who have Passed On. 30 pages
  • Radio Lectures, Given from Radio Station W. N. Y. C., New York 1924 - 25
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RADIO LECTURES, Given From Radio Station W.N.Y.C., New York, 1924 - 25.
Hand written and illustrated by Col. Churchward. 251 pages (8 x 10 inches) including 7 colored pencil diagrams, 11 colored maps and 10 full colored paintings. Includes 2 chapters, Jungle Tales for the Kiddies.